A Campfire at the Refuge

We had an amazing time at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge last Friday night. So many students came to the campfire! We roasted marshmallows, had Jiffy Pop and went on a short hike. We observed a battle between an adult bald eagle and an osprey! We even walked up very close to where the eagle perched. What a beautiful night to spend with friends outside!


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Live Osprey Cam!


Hi everyone,

One of my favorite birds is the osprey. Ospreys are nesting at Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge and this year they’ve installed a camera on the nest! You can watch the ospreys LIVE on this webcam, 24 hours a day.


Here is the link to the live cam:


After you watch the cam, write me back and tell me what you observed! Did you see mating? Nest building? How many birds are on the nest? What foods do the ospreys bring to the nest?

To learn more about ospreys, go to one of my favorite sites for bird identification:





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