Last Day for the Rats

Well, the kids all said their good-byes to the girls and each student got the chance to hold Speedy, Spot and Skunk one last time. It was a melancholy day for everyone involved. You would never know it in the pictures here. Everyone looks so happy, smiling, even Speedy appears to be smiling as she pokes her nose out from the crook of Kayla’s arms.

After the kids left, I had the arduous task of taking apart the cage. Granted, I have done this before, and it is not difficult. But this time, it seemed so.

I put the girls in a box, carried them out to the car, and drove home. They seem happy here in Ventnor, but I know they miss Shanelle’s warm, gentle touch, Jose’s cheerful, morningĀ  face and Sonia’s daily, sweet snacks of fruit. And I know my students miss the girls more than words can say.

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