How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

Well, Environmental Club had a good time learning about groundhogs today! Groundhogs are AKA (also known as) woodchucks, whistle pigs, land beavers, marmots, and mouse bears!  A friend of mine sent me this link from NWF (National Wildlife Federation) with some really cool facts about these true hibernators!

I learned so much from this website that I did not know before today. For instance, a woodchuck’s body temperature goes from 99-37 degrees Fahrenheit when it hibernates! A human’s normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If our temperature drops below 70 degrees, we would die!

After you go on the NWF website, please post a new fact or two in a comment below. Thanks!

PS. Do groundhogs really eat wood???

baby woodchuck

Isn’t this baby groundhog the cutest?

Groundhog Day!

You may be asking yourself, what in the world is Groundhog Day? Well, Groundhog Day is a holiday that is celebrated every year on February 2. Wait, instead of me writing it here, you could click here and read about it for yourself!

Some questions for you to answer:

1. What is a groundhog and what is another name for this animal?

2.  Where does the famous Punxsutawney Phil groundhog live?

3. What is the legend of the groundhog and its shadow?

4. Do you think the groundhog will see its shadow this February 2nd?

Make sure you write your answers in complete sentences.


Doodle 4 Google!

Do you like to draw? Sketch? Scribble? Doodle? Are you good at it? Are you REALLY good at it? Do you ever use GOOGLE?

Well, what if I told you that all that scribbling and doodling can win you a $15,000 scholarship to the college of your choice? Yes, I wrote $15,000. That’s a lot of money. So, if you are interested in drawing and would like to enter a way cool contest, CLICK HERE. Maybe your DOODLE will be the next GOOGLE DOODLE!

rainforest doodle

rainforest doodle2

These are the 2010 winners for third grade and sixth grade. What kind of Doodle can you do?

Happy New Year 2011!


A new year, a fresh start. People often make resolutions at the start of a new year. What do you resolve to do in 2011? Study more? Practice your multiplication facts? Post more on your blog? Be kinder to my classmates?

Please write your resolution in a comment. Make sure you explain why you chose your resolution and write in complete sentences!  Here are some synonyms for the word resolve:

Main Entry: resolve
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: make up one’s mind; find solution
Synonyms: agree, analyze, anatomize, answer, break, break down, choose, clear up, clinch, conclude, deal with, decide, decipher, decree, design, determine, dissect, dissolve, elect, elucidate, fathom, figure, fix, intend, iron out, lick, make a point of, pan out, pass upon, propose, purpose, puzzle out, remain firm, rule, settle, solve, take a stand, undertake, unfold, unravel, untangle, unzip, will, work, work out, work through

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