Our Release Celebration!


Ms. Lenahan, Mrs. Medina and students are interviewed by Phaidra Laird from TV40.


Everyone looks nervous as we wait to release the monarchs. release3marcus

Marcus has a monarch ‘friend’ who just doesn’t want to start its migration!release5


Mrs. Karpinski as ‘Madame Butterfly’! She and her class did a wonderful job caring for and raising monarchs from eggs. Her students sang songs and recited poetry and made the day extra special!

Sweet Destiny and a butterfly!destiny

Scary, Spiny Caterpillar!

Emily D. brought in some photos of a caterpillar her father took this summer. This caterpillar sure is strange! It has a green body with black and red spikes and  black horns all over it’s body!

Well, I had a hard time identifying this caterpillar, but I finally found out what it was–a ‘hickory horned devil’. The adult is a regal moth or royal walnut moth.

Click here is some information about this strange critter!

Emily’s photos are much nicer than this one, but I wanted to show you what it looked like!hickory horned devil2hickory horned devil

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