Update: There Are Eaglets!! Live Bald Eagle Cam!

Update! Update! Update!

The pair of eagles has two eaglets!! . I believe the first eaglet hatched on Wednesday and the second one hatched on Friday. I  think there is one more egg. Maybe we will see a third eaglet tomorrow!

Right now it is Saturday night 9:56pm Eastern Time, 6:57pm Pacific Time. I believe the male is on the nest. He is smaller than the female and he likes to tidy up the nest a lot. Both male and female eagles take turns tending to the nest and feeding the eaglets. If you click on ‘Discussion Forum’  you can read about the nest, the eagles and their eaglets and you can see many photos and video!

Oh my gosh! I just watched LIVE ONLINE A BALD EAGLE FEEDING ITS CHICKS! The adult eagle tore apart some dead animal that was left in the nest and ate tiny little pieces. Then s/he fed little pieces of meat to one of the chicks. I don’t know why s/he did not feed the second chick, maybe because the second eaglet is still too young to eat.

For the link to the live eagle cam in British Columbia, Canada, CLICK HERE!  This streaming video even has sound!



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